June 4 2020
updated 7:15 AM
Storm Power Outage

Power has been restored by PECO
Servers, Phones and Pick are back up.
All WFO employees should report to work as soon as they are able.
All WFH employees should go "online" as soon as they are able or at their regular start time.

So we get to have another round of storms this evening.  Fingers crossed.  Stay safe!
Please monitor this site regularly for updates.

Corona Response Information

Omega will open shop and office for the regularly scheduled time Monday Tuesday 24.


Per the link below allowable activities include

“To perform work providing essential products and services at a life-sustaining business”

Based on these guidelines and our status as a Life Sustaining Business we will continue with our current plan as outlined below

  • All employees authorized for WFH to do so unless they get specific approval from their supervisor or Senior Management to report to the plant
  • All shop personnel that
    • Do not possess symptoms posted by the CDC
    • Do not themselves have conditions that put themselves at high risk
    • AND are comfortable reporting to work

Should report to work at their regularly scheduled hour


Good night, embrace your families, looking forward to a beautiful sunny and productive day tomorrow!


Omega will operate with the following modifications to regular practices.

1)      Vendors have been/are being notified to restrict visits to essential business needs and all deliveries will be made at the loading dock with limited interaction.

2)      We will post signs at exterior doors advising visitors not to enter without prior approval and will include instructions to call and request permission if they feel their visit represents an essential business need.

3)      Several employees have already requested to be excused from work to support family.  As per the earlier posting we will support all such requests and will handle each circumstance on a case by case basis to authorize approved work from home (WFH) status, If WFH can not be authorized, employees will need to submit for regular PTO .  We will be reviewing our PTO policy this week, and hope to be able to offer some temporary modifications during this challenging time.

4)      We will likely be relocation select employees within the building to promote social distancing.  Work on the shop floor will also be spread out as much as practical for the same reason.

5)      We will be increasing the frequency of sanitization efforts.

Our number one priority is for the protection of our employees, their families and our community!

If you have any of the following symptoms or conditions, or have been in direct contact with anyone with these symptoms or who has been confirmed with the virus, please remain at home and notify us as soon as possible.

Symptoms include but are not limited to fever, any respiratory issues, coughing, runny nose. 

The CDC has also listed persons with the following serious diagnosed chronic health conditions to be at elevated risk and need to take extra precautions. 

These include heart disease, lung disease and diabetes.

We appreciate your understanding during this unprecedented event. We are all in this together and as a community we will get through this. 

As long as guidelines and conditions allow we will strive to maintain safe and efficient operations.

Life must go on and productive activity can help to alleviate concerns and we need to support the overall economy and supply chain to the best of our ability.

If you are personally uncomfortable coming in to work, or need to support your family, we understand and will do what we can to support that decision. 

Initially we will adhere to standard PTO practices but we will be reviewing options to try and provide greater assistance should you not be able to work for any of the above reasons.




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